After realising I was spending little time looking myself, I tried these simple tips and it changed her family dynamic completely.

Motherhood requires many skills: multi-tasking, functioning on limited sleep, suppressing rage, force-feeding, and dealing with unsightly bodily fluids. However, one thing mums aren’t so good at is self-care.

Like a lot of mums, I struggle with putting ‘my needs’ in the equation let alone ‘putting myself first’. Sure, I dream of sleep-ins, romantic dinners with my husband and a few free hours to scrub the house in its entirety – but making these things a reality always seems to evade me.

It’s time to re-think self-care

Self-care isn’t about sleep-ins, massages and facials (unless that’s your thing). It’s about prioritising your health and wellbeing. These acts are small, yet mighty when it comes to taking care of number one.

Small steps – see the difference:

BE HONEST – If you’re tired, tell someone. If you need help, ask for it. Plastering on a fake smile isn’t going to do you any good. Trust me, honesty is liberating.

SAY NO – Cramming 30 hours of things into a day? Learning to say no is vital to your wellbeing. It might mean cancelling that dinner party and leaving the washing until tomorrow so you get to bed earlier. Sometimes something’s just gotta give.

NOURISH YOURSELF – Skipped lunch in favour of coffee? Sure meal preparation can slip through the cracks and can take time, but if you have a well-stocked pantry and fridge, you can be sure to tote around some fresh fruit, veggies or nuts whilst running errands to tide you over and avoid energy crashes and sugar cravings. Eating nourishing food will make you brighter, more energetic, more productive and better placed to achieve the things you want.

RE-DEFINE WHAT A GOOD DAY LOOKS LIKE – Since becoming mum one of the biggest adjustments to my life is learning to be ok with doing less. It’s been my choice to combine motherhood and career, so accepting that there will always be trade-offs, sacrifices and compromises helps me stave off guilt and accept that I may not be able to do everything I would like to do – or my children would like me to do – but that’s all right.

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