What’s Eating YOU?

Find Your Balance with Food and Lose Weight 

We don’t just eat food: we eat words, emotions and circumstances, too. In What’s Eating You?, Kathleen Alleaume delves into the psychology of eating and the constant battle women have with their bodies.

Using a combination of research, personal stories and experiences and mindfulness Alleaume provides practical everyday solutions to overcoming the hidden cues that influence your eating behaviours, lifestyle and health.

Jargon-free and liberating in her approach, Alleaume explains how the mind plays a significant role in your eating and lifestyle choices in this step-by-step guide designed to help you uncover and resolve the internal dialogue that drives your eating habits.

With a mix of qualified research, personal anecdotes and a wealth of professional experience, What’s Eating You separates the facts from fiction when it comes to shedding that extra weight and helping you  foster a healthful relationship with food.


  • What factors influence our eating behaviours and why some foods are harder to say no to.
  • What profound effect food has on our mood, and how food affects our mental and emotional health.
  • The real reason why fad diets don’t work and the very reason why many of us approach dieting with a sense of hopelessness.
  • How our thoughts affect our food decisions we make on a daily basis.
  • Plenty of actionable set of tips to break pesky eating habits so you win the battle of the bulge!



Shipping in Australia only



Shipping in Australia only


Kindle file (.mobi) (requires Kindle reader)

Kindle file (.mobi) (requires Kindle reader)


Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist, Kathleen Alleaume, has established herself as a leading figure among health and fitness experts in Australia where she continues to develop and deliver fresh, cutting edge health content via her publications and as a spokesperson across print, broadcast and online media.


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“I absolutely love how the author tackles myths in this book – how ‘full’ is not your friend, not to mention the commercial ‘low fat’ debacle. I love how she provides mantras we can chant to reprogram our food habits (“I will eat until satisfaction, not fullness”). I love how she talks of the negative effects of a fact-paced life and how stress affects how we eat. I love how frank she is – and how she tackles emotional food connection head-on with some whack-over-the-noggin observations like ‘need’ verses ‘desire’ and that ubiquitous bewdy – food as emotional anaesthetic”
Tania McCartney

Author, Illustrator, Editor, Creator, Book Lover

“Alleaume is one of a growing number of health experts who say weight problems are not so much about what we are eating as why we are eating. This means being mindful of the food choices you make and how your body responds to what you are putting in it”

Sarah Berry

The Sydney Morning Herald

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