Gut health is a pretty big conversational ticket in 2019; maybe you’ve even already made a concerted effort to achieve a well-balanced tummy. But what about your kids? Nutritionist and mum of three, Kathleen Alleaume shares the best ways to boost gut health for the whole family.

Why is gut health important?

Looking after your child’s gut health from the get-go can set them up for a lifetime of good health. In fact, it’s widely believed that by the time kids reach school age, their microbiome – a fancy word for the trillions of bacteria that inhabit the human gut is already established, and potentially remain with them for their entire life.

The gut’s primary function is the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food, as well as the excretion of waste. The gut also has a major influence on the immune system helping children to fight off any bugs kids get exposed to. An unhappy gut in a child can lead to stomach aches, issues with nutrient absorption, irregular bowel habits, poor immunity, lethargy, sleep problems, or may even influence their mood. The trouble is, a child may find it difficult to explain what exactly is wrong and adults might just put it down to their behaviour.

How to maintain good gut health
Fortunately, there is much we can do to help nurture the tiny critters that reside in the gut – simply through our diet and lifestyle alone. The whole family can follow these simple guidelines.

This story was originally published in Kidspot. For gut health tips, click here.


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