Kathleen is a go-to keynote speaker on health and wellbeing. She covers all types of speaking engagements, from large corporate conferences to nutrition workshops and talks at exercise studios and sports clubs, as well as schools and early childhood education.

With a passion for dispelling diet myths and fads, Kathleen has a unique ability to blend current research and practical applications to enable you or the consumer adopt healthier lifestyle attitudes and habits.

All workshops and seminars cover key aspects of nutrition and fitness and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs and budget.

Popular topics include:

Corporate Health

  • Executive diet: Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy habits on a busy schedule
  • Busting common nutrition myths
  • Improve productivity: Managing stress through diet and fitness
  • Raising Resilience: Building the skills to help with stress and performance

Sports Nutrition

  • Eat like an athlete: High performance eating for a competitive edge
  • Sports supplements – what’s in/out?

Women’s health

  • Healthy ageing and hormonal health
  • Pregnancy nutrition and eating for two
  • Food and mood
  • Gut health/IBS

Early Education/Primary/Senior Schools

  • Understanding and managing fussy eating in childhood
  • Master the fuss-free lunchbox: Foods that satisfy and improve concentration levels
  • Teenage nutrition: Eating for energy and peak performance
  • Body Positive: Developing a flexible attitude toward healthy eating, resilience and body image

Let's work together!

If you'd like to get in touch about an event or engagement, or just want to ask for some advice, I'm always happy to talk.

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