From boosting the immune system to improving gut health, onions are a reliable, versatile and affordable staple that can be easily ‘disguised’ for fussy eaters in your favourite family meals.

Here are 7 healthy facts about onions you didn’t know

A forgotten vegetable. A staple in most shopping trolleys, the humble onion is added to a variety
of common dishes, however many of us don’t think of it as part of the recommended five serves of vegetables each day. Just half an onion each day counts towards your five serves of vegetables. It’s easily disguised for fussy eaters in the family and packs a nutritional punch

Immune booster. One onion provides between 15-20% of an adult or child’s recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. This essential nutrient is important for normal growth and development and warding off the winter bugs.

Plant power. Onions deliver a unique bundle of plant compounds, like quercetin, which help fight inflammation, as well as sulfur-containing compounds that protect against some cancers and assist in removing the stress on our bodies from environmental factors, such as UVB damage.

Good for your gut. Onions contain prebiotic fibres that help with digestion and assist with increased mineral absorption, including calcium, magnesium and iron.

Slim picking. A 75g serve of onion provides only 96 kilojoules – a great waistline friendly choice.

Heart health. Onions are packed full of flavonoids – a type of antioxidants are proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cooking onions does not significantly alter the nutritional value.

Whether raw, sautéed, baked or caramelised, go ahead, toss in an onion and reap the benefits. It’s the everyday veggie that helps keep you healthy on the inside and out.

A summary of this recent health research can be found in the Australian Onions Health Review 2017 via The Secret Serve

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