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What makes us different?

Delivering cutting-edge health content to millions is what we do best. With almost 20 years’ experience, TRB knows what’s-what. The health and fitness industry is cluttered with conflicting information, and we’re committed to doing the research required to deliver best-practice advice and effective solutions.

Using a wide range of evidence-based techniques and methodologies, our goal is to provide up-to-date and high quality health messaging that are:

  • Targeted to your audience.
  • Credible, understandable and applicable.
  • Successful at achieving your objective.

And what’s more, we’re easy to work with – resourceful, efficient, fresh and fun.

Examples of projects we can assist with:

  • Corporate and campaign collateral: literature/scientific research, impactful key messaging for consumer-related material.
  • Digital Media: website, blog and social media content.
  • Feature writing: print and on-line publications.
  • Technical writing: white papers, manuals and peer-reviewed journal articles.

View some our latest projects:

If you'd like to get in touch about an event or engagement, or just want to ask for some advice, I'm always happy to talk.

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