Got some serious fitness goals? Chances are you’re wedded to an equally serious meal plan. And while strict eating is a fast-track to results, it can also leave you dreaming about chocolate. For this reason, many health enthusiasts implement “cheating” – a diet time-out that lets you loosen the rules for a meal or even a day. While it may sound like you’re cheating yourself, a little lapse here and there can become your greatest weapon for success.

Don’t be fooled – dipping into cheat meals is a slippery slope. It takes discipline. So it’s best to set up some smart strategies.

Measure your might

It’s true that you ‘can’t out run a bad diet’ and many people overdo cheating to the point that all their hard work becomes undone. We all know that one biscuit can quickly turn into six, and mastering the cheat involves mustering some serious willpower. So always set strict guidelines and stick to them.

Turn cheating into treating

Let’s be honest, cheating has negative connotations. That’s why it helps to refer to them as treats. It’s a welcome reminder that you don’t need to feel guilty – you’re simply satisfying a craving and balancing out all your efforts. No one can follow a perfect diet, so the odd treat is perfectly acceptable.

Have a plan

Rather than see cheat days as an invitation to binge, organise it around a meal, or view it in a positive light, such as saying “I’ll be more relaxed about my dinner”. This will help the cheat to become an organic part of your diet plan. That way you’ll most likley view it as a positive reward to look forward to after a week of hard work. If you dive in head-first with zero guidelines, you’ll end up turning a cheeky dessert into a weekend of destruction.

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