Give the gift of health. Our picks for the ultimate healthy Christmas wish list.



Being a mother of two young kids, you can appreciate there’s not a lot of sitting time. So I was intrigued to track the number of steps I take each day. And to no surprise I reached 10,000 steps on most days, but what really shocked me was that my resting heart rate (RHR) was quite high (88 beats per minute).

Your RHR is a great predictor of how fit you are, in terms of how fast your heart rate recovers after exercise. To put this into perspective, an athlete’s RHR is, on average 30-40 beats per minute.

Whilst I may be an active person who doesn’t sit down for long periods of time, wearing a FitBit has inspired me to improve my overall cardiovascular fitness. By improving heart fitness, your heart becomes more efficient, and is able to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles with every beat – which is why a decrease in resting heart rate suggests improved health.

Oster blender

oster versa

Much more than your average smoothie maker, this powerful blender also lets you emulsify, puree, mill, crush, chop ingredients with the push of a button. As a working mum, it’s a priceless piece of kitchen equipment, which lets me whip up a nutritious meal in a jiffy, like a hot sweet potato mash (minus the elbow grease), or fresh nut butter for toast in the morning. For more info, check out Oster Appliances.

Goodness Me Box


As a nutritionist, I’m always on the lookout for new exciting health products to make up healthy Christmas hampers. However, with little ones in tow I can’t spend as much time wandering the supermarket aisles as I used too! Enter Goodness Me Box. This health subscription box is full of the latest edible goodies with organic, raw, sustainable, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options all inside. Most certainly a healthy alternative to your normal hamper.


class pass

Variety is the spice of life – and not just when it comes to eating, but to your fitness regime, too. Give a ClassPass to a special friend that lets them enjoy a range of workout class options, without being tied into 10 different contracts. Think boxing on Monday, Pilates of Tuesday, and maybe a wind down yoga class at the end of the week.


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