Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Speaker & Author

Kathleen Alleaume is an internationally-acclaimed specialist in nutrition and fitness. She holds a degree in Exercise Science and a masters in nutrition.

Kathleen founded The Right Balance over twenty years ago, to provide up-to-date, credible information about diet, fitness and general wellbeing. She covers all the latest scientific breakthroughs and has a unique ability to translate the details and findings into clear, practical advice to a broad range of clients, including celebrities, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, corporations, schools, children and food industry.

Kathleen is passionate about nutrition communications. She is a sought after media commentator and spokesperson, and has published over 600 articles across print and on-line media. As a renowned writer and relatable speaker, Kathleen’s book What’s Eating You? has inspired many to have a healthy relationship with food.

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✓ Private nutrition consultations
✓ White paper and technical writing
✓ Brand spokesperson opportunities
✓ Keynote speaking
✓ Live cooking demonstrations
✓ Wellness workshops and seminars
✓ Recipe development
✓ Social media collaborations

“I know it’s not easy balancing motherhood, career and the health of your family, and as a working mum of three kids, I understand and relate to these challenges. I do believe anyone can take steps to better health and I’m here to inspire you to make the right food and lifestyle choices – one that will help transform busy bodies like you into healthy, balanced beings”.

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Speaker & Author

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Hi there, Kathleen is out of the office from Dec 24 to Jan 6th. For emergency support, please email kathleen@therightbalance.com.au. Happy holidays to you :)
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