Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Speaker & Author

Kathleen Alleaume is an internationally-acclaimed specialist in nutrition and fitness. She holds a degree in Exercise Science and a masters in Nutrition. Kathleen works with Fitness First Australia and Uncle Tobys as their Nutrition Ambassador, and consults for other major Australian food companies. 

Kathleen founded The Right Balance over twenty years ago, to help women, men and children to overcome their health or performance issues and maximise their wellness and fitness.

Kathleen and her team provide up-to-date, clear, expert information about diet, exercise and wellness. They cover all the latest scientific breakthroughs and important key messages to educate and connect with customers.

Kathleen has a unique ability to translate the details and findings into meaningful, practical advice, and she has fantastic results with health behaviour change, weight loss, sports nutrition, IBS and women’s health.

A renowned writer and speaker, Kathleen’s book What’s Eating You? has inspired many women to have a healthy relationship with food. She writes for national newspapers and magazines, including her weekly column in News.com.au and Daily Mail, Body & Soul, Kidspot. She is regularly interviewed on TV and radio, including The Morning Show and The Daily Edition.

“I know it’s not easy balancing motherhood, career and the health of your family, and as a working mum of three kids, I understand and relate to these challenges. I do believe anyone can take steps to better health and I’m here to inspire you to make the right food and lifestyle choices – one that will help transform busy bodies like you into healthy, balanced beings”.

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Speaker & Author

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