There’s no denying that the humble egg is a great source of high-quality protein (1 egg = 6g protein) and often a breakfast staple on the weekends. However, there are lots of egg-free options for quick and filling breakfasts that pack a protein punch to keep waistline slim and hunger at bay.

Greek yoghurt (8-10g protein per serve)

Made by straining out much of the naturally-occurring sugar (lactose) and whey (the liquid remaining after the milk is curdled) is the reason why Greek yoghurt has twice as much protein as plain or natural yoghurt. Perfect for overnight oats or mixed with fruit and topped with a sprinkle or high-fibre cereals.

Ricotta cheese (18g protein per 1 cup)

Sweet or savoury, ricotta is so versatile and insanely delicious. Top with toast and avocado, or team with baked or poached pears drizzled with honey for something sweet and refreshing.

Nut butter (4g protein per 1 tbsp)

As well as providing a lean source of protein, nuts are a healthy source of fat – the type that doesn’t deposit belly fat. Not just for toast! Try it spread on a sliced apple or delicious added to smoothies.

Smoked salmon (11.5g protein per 50g)

Make a breakfast wrap with a few slices of smoked salmon, avocado, baby spinach and some chopped chives.

Chia seeds (3g protein per 1 tbsp)

Full of fibre and skin-loving omega-3 fats, these tiny seeds can be soaked overnight to make a delicious breakfast pudding or topped on cereal or greek yoghurt for a extra protein hit.

Wholegrain breakfast cereal
Cereals are generally eaten with milk or Greek yoghurt which provides high-quality protein and bone-building calcium, as well as and also blunt the blood-sugar-raising effect of a meal. Tip: Look for a cereal made with at least 50 per cent wholegrain ingredients, such as whole wheat, brown rice, barley, rolled oats or triticale and opt for less than 15g per 100g of or less than 25g per 100g of total sugar if cereal contains dried fruit.

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