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Founder of The Right Balance, Kathleen Alleaume can help you or your business conduct nutrition research and development, and provide up-to-date expert health messaging about  diet and fitness to educate and connect with your audience.


Founder of The Right Balance, Kathleen Alleaume is a Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Keynote Speaker and Author.



Kathleen and her team provide bespoke tailored nutrition and exercise programs to help women, men and children, as well as sports enthusiasts to overcome their health issues or maximise their performance. Book your FREE 15-minute discovery call today.

Speaking Engagements

Kathleen is an engaging, inspiring and expert speaker with many years experience across workshops, lectures and conferences. She has a unique ability to dispel the latest diet myths and fads, and provides pioneering, cutting-edge advice.

Media Spokesperson

Kathleen is brand ambassador for major companies contributing clear, expert content. She collaborates on campaigns to translate industry-recognised scientific research into practical information.

Nutrition Research & Development

Kathleen and her team work with international food companies, conducting consumer research and evidence-based reviews, and translating complex nutrition science into clear, expert messages. They also create nutrient-packed recipes and menu plans.

In The Media

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If you'd like to get in touch about an event or engagement, or just want to ask for some advice, I'm always happy to talk.

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